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  • Meet a unique experience for holidays !

    Agrotourism philosophy and the touch with the nature and the animal kingdom is food for the soul and the mind and literally benefits the development of skills and psychology of your children.

  • Back to the History !

    Nothing animates better the past more effectively than a scent that has been associated with it. (Vladimir Nabokov, 1899-1977, writer Rosoamerikanos).

  • An ultimate experience of pleasure into the nature !

    The holistic philosophy of care, benefits both the soul and the mind, the face and the body.

  • Only 1st look is able to gain you !

    The excellent setting of the stone built complex of our Tower will leave a beautiful and unique memory in your path !

  • Presidential luxury feeling !

    Experience the unique feeling of the traditional luxurious and unique environment of our presidential suite !

  • Mistras ! A God's Land !


A unique experience in a unique environment and destination !

Weekly activities program:

  • Klead and bake bread in traditional oven with wood
  • Produce green soap from olive oils
  • Product of jam, sauces and syrup sweets
  • Produce of eatable olives
  • Visit our farm and feeding or care of our animals
  • Participation in the care of vegetables with learning the important points of care

Weekly activities program:

  • Kneading and baking bread in a traditional oven
  • Friday green soap from olive oil
  • Preparing Jam, sauces and sweets using our natural products and herbs
  • Visit our farm and feeding or care of our animals
  • Participation in the care of vegetables with learning the important points of care

For your information implemented the following activities per season:

  • In the spring and early summer we are collecting herbs from Hersonissos of Mani. The usual species are thyme, oregano, sage, capers, sea fennel and sea salt. The experienced Owner of agronomist and specialized in herbs Dimitris Petropoulakis can show you many other herbs if they meet along your route.
  • In winter and early spring we will gather herbs of the mountain and some of them are wild asparagus, Ovrios and herbs used in pies. You can participate in the preparation of pies to get the experience of the delicious recipies and to offer them by your own to your friends when you return to your countries and place of living.
  • During winter time (usually begins in November) is the harvest of table olives and olives using for olive oil grading them into categories, citrus with grading in categories, oil production as well as production of oil-soap which consist one of the most beneficial soaps for the human body.

Training in agro-tourism activities:

  • Education in agricultural tourism activities can be done in groups of 8-10 people.
  • The language used is Greek, English or Italian.
  • A preparation time and reservation must be done at least 14 days before arrival
  • Daily cost per person is 10 euros and include also training with a minimum number of participants 8. Smaller teams can be established with a minimum daily charge of 80 euros per day.
  • After your training we give you free of charge gift products in special packaging from those that you was participated in the harvest or preparation 

We hope to offer you unique experienced in the area of agriculture activities and life style.




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